Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Facebook Peeves

So I have a bunch of things to do. I have some reading to get caught up on and some Japanese words to recite over and over again. Am I doing those things? As you can see, the answer to that question would be a big fat N-O. So how does one make the best of their procrastination? By going on Facebook, of course. Facebook and procrastination go together like peanut butter and jelly. So while on Facebook today, I've noticed a few things that kind of get on my nerves.

First of all . . . why do people request your friendship over and over again? What is really the point? And then when (or if) you finally accept their friendship they have nothing to say? Again, what is the point? Looking at my pictures is really worth getting denied over and over again? Just give up!

Also, and I will give the disclaimer that I am a Christian, but with that said I find it so annoying when people use Facebook like a pulpit. I am very happy with my religion and I understand that you want to share your "blessed-ness" with everyone but seriously, I don't want to hear your prayer to God. I think it sounds preachy, pretentious and insincere. Your prayers and personal relationship with God should be sacred, not a "status" on freaking Facebook.

Another Facebook thing that I find annoying are the "I'm so busy and important" updates. Now I may sound like a hater with this one, but I notice (in my particular case) that these kinds of updates only seem to come from my fraternity brothers (who I will not mention except to say Black and Gold). Now I have nothing against these brothers and I appreciate the contributions they make to society, but I swear that they are one group of men who absolutely love to brag tell you about themselves and how busy they are wearing a suit, working in an office and being important. Newsflash . . . people who are important in real life, don't brag about it on Facebook. I have already deleted 2 of these guys off of my page.

Last but not least are the "I am your cousin's pastor's best friend's god-daughter's next door neighbor's Uncle. Let's be friends." Umm . . . let's not. And then of course, they request your friendship again. *Sigh*

All right, that's all I got for now. What annoys you about Facebook (besides the fact that there should be a dislike button)?


  1. amen! amen. i also hate ghetto updates. i'm talking things like "I hate my ex. he ain't seeing his kids no more." really, really? is that necessary

  2. @ Rere - Or how about the . . . "Dese B!ch@z aT my job bE hAt'n on me on sum ReAl Sh%t" statuses.

    I can't believe I left that out. Probably because I try to purge that kind of ignorant stuff from my memories, lol. So embarrassing and illiterate.

  3. I couldn't co-sign any harder!!! I skipped church on purpose I don't need to get the sermon from you *waiting for God to strike*

    I get it you are doing so much more with your life than I am. WHATEVER!!! If you were so busy why are you constantly updating your Facebook page??? Right!

    I also hate:

    Facebook pimpin - People who use the website like E-Harmony, Lots of Fishes, etc.

    Facebook thuggin - People who use the website to intimidate/embarrass their "friends"

    Facebook porn - People who take obscene pics of themselves (This ain't Myspace!!!)and post to Facebook. I don't need to see your stretchmarked out @ss, your saggy titays, or your muffin print, which by the look of your pic is desperate for a wax, shave, depilatory cream... I dunno honey you pick.

  4. Islandbaby - Yes, the facebook porn. How about the taking a picture of oneself with the booty tooted up in the air, on a bed, in a dirty room? Or the typical "dude takes a blurry picture of himself in the bathroom, with a huge fitted hat on, no shirt, a bird chest and the pants tugged down slightly giving "sexy eyes" to the camera." Ah yes, and the passive aggressive, non-directed "you ain't my friend no more" messages. LOL Whyyyy facebook? Whyyyyy?!!!

  5. Yes! The classic booty pic! Don't they realize that we can all see that dirty room?! WTF?! Not to mention the "I don't see any need for all these friends anymore. I think I'm gonna start deleting" statuses. AND??? Should I be distraught at the thought that I will no longer be privy to your hot mess, ass in the air club pics?! Get over yourself!