Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Recap

 Here's a recap of my 2011 . . .


Actually, the year started off on an interesting note.  Imagine sitting in a hotel in South Korea, alone.  That was me.  I'd flew from Japan to Korea in order to visit a friend from college.  When I came there to kick it, as Kanye would put it, things became different.  Long story short, she flipped on me and made my visit a living hell.  So I did something kind of crazy and cut my visit short by leaving.  The problem was that my flight was for January third and I'd left her place on December 28th (or something like that).  So I had about 6 days to walk around Korea (which I knew absolutely nothing about) and no where to go.  In other words, I was stranded.  So I took a 3 hour bus ride to Incheon (pronounced In-chun) airport and found a hotel in the area.  I had a really bad cold, so I spent the first couple days sniffling and coughing in a hotel while watching downloaded movies online.  Then a glimmer of hope.  A friend of mine from Japan told me that she was in Korea too and wanted to hook up.  So on this day last year (December 31st) I walked around the major train station looking for her.  Unfortunately, I never found the girl and ended up picking up some pizza and made my way back to my cozy little hotel room.  I chatted with one of my childhood friends (who also lived in Japan - but happened to be in America at the time) and did the countdown with him.  In other words, the year started off RANDOM AS ALL HELL.  Unfortunately, this is when I stopped blogging.  Regardless, I survived, got back to Japan and it turned into an interesting year.  Oh, and the rest of January turned out to be a whole lot of eating delicious Japanese foods, hanging with my girlfriends and having a blast.


Continuation of hanging with my Japanese family.  Onsens (butt naked public baths = AWESOMENESS), udon (better than ramen noodles), kakigori (de-freaking-licious shaved ice), dancing, singing, crying, creating beautiful memories with my Japanese soul mates.

Back to America.  Getting used to it all.  Actually got back to work on a temp job.  Then suddenly, an earthquake and tsunami hit and all of my thoughts went back to Japan.  I was devastated and kept kicking myself, thinking "Why am I in America when I should be in Japan right now?!"  I know, strange thought.  It was part guilt, part sadness, part . . . I don't know, everything!

Working the temp job and visiting friends.  Still getting back to life.  Editing the video of my overseas experiences.  Getting asked 2 questions about Japan.  "What was the food like?"  and "Why are you back?"  Oh and one question from the boyf.  "Will you marry me?"  Kind of freaked out a little and told him, I'd need more time to think about it.

The big event (for my job) came and went.  Suddenly, my schedule was becoming more . . . empty.  I still had a paycheck coming in so I wasn't sweating it.

Big trip to Disney World with the nieces and my sisters.  Going to Disney pretty much took up the whole month, even though it was a 5 day, 4 night trip.  By the end of everything, I wanted to shoot myself.  But the kids had fun.  And that was what it was all about.

Okay, it was time to plunge into the job hunt.  I sent out a million resumes, joined Linked In and started emailing folks like . . . well, like it was my job.

Paid 800 bucks to go to a big Media and Journalist's convention in Philadelphia.  Handed out my resume to everyone who would take one.  Prayed, networked, pitched, bitched, put on business suit after business suit, laughed, sweat, and ran into my ex boyfriend.  Still . . . nothing.

Still job hunting every day.  Money is at an all time low.  My spirit is at an all time low until suddenly, I get an interview offer.  My car breaks down on the way to the interview and the lady changes her mind about me, the interview and everything else.  I am devastated and go into a state of depression so low that I begin to question God's existence.

I decide to stop looking for a job.  I sit around reading The Hunger Games and playing Bejeweled for days at a time.  No bath.  No change of clothes.  I was gross.

My friend gives me a lead on an insurance gig.  I decide that I'm interested and will sell my soul for the job.  Fortunately, this is not necessary.  I just need to be willing to invest 3,000 bucks into my future, not including the cost of training and the need for a new computer.  I was all about it, until the day kept creeping forward for me to jump in and start forking over the cash.  Then I postponed "the dream."

Well, I decided that the insurance gig was not my dream and that my postponing the training was really just my way of backing out.  I decided to stop telling people what I was doing every day or that I needed any job.  In other words, I took a nice, long break from explaining myself and pressuring myself.  So far, so good.  So a couple days ago, I watched The Secret and decided that my new life is right around the corner.  Next week, I will be working.  Where?  I don't know.  What I'll be doing?  I don't know the answer to that either.  But I'm sure that 2012 will be a year full of blessings and opportunity.  And if last year could start off with me in a random hotel in South Korea, then I'm sure next year will come with plenty of strange, fun and exciting twists and turns as well.

So here's to the New Year!

CHEERS!!!  (and be safe everybody!)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Web Series

So, I decided not to take that Insurance Gig.  Actually, the boyf kind of made that choice for me with his wallet.  There are a bunch of expensive things involved with getting that gig and since my pockets are starving, the boyfriend would have been forking over the cash.  Being that he thinks the job is stupid, he's cock-blocking . . . with his - uh - wallet.   And I don't blame him.  My insides were kicking and screaming with the thought of taking on that job - and I know times are hard, but there's GOT TO be a better way.

In the meantime of pursuing my dream job, I've decided to do something that won't be adding a cent to my bank statements.  I'll be shooting a webseries.  Yes, you heard me - a webseries!  I'm super excited about this endeavor because it's something I've always wanted to do and the storyline is based off of every friendship that I've ever had.  Besides (even though I don't have any readers for this blog) I know that I am an amazing writer and I can't wait to see my stories come to "the screen" - even if it's a computer screen.  And take that blogosphere - you don't validate me!!!! hahahaha!  *sigh*  :-(

Anyway, I've already gotten some of the equipment together and I've also gotten a few actors to act in it.  We will be shooting the first episode on January 8th and God knows when we'll start posting them to YouTube, but it's-a-coming.  Excited is not the word!!!  Elated?  Hysterical?

Until then, I've been joining the webseries communities online and watching all kinds of shows.  And let me tell you, there are a lot of good ones out there.  Such as . . .

Shit Girls Say (Don't watch while eating - you will choke)

Of course . . . The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl

Drama Queenz (If you are a homophobe, this is NOT for you - but I am in LOVE w/this show)

and one of my personal faves . . . Shitty Fabulous Lives

Please watch these shows and support the webseries community.  There are a lot of great shows online.

Love ya!