Friday, January 27, 2012

Being a Director is HARD

So I have one and a half episodes under my belt, thus far and things are crazy.  Pumping out a scene means getting locations, actors, equipment, time, etc. and these are all things that don't come easy.   It's kind of like trying to take a civilized picture of a house full of animals.  There is always someone straying out of the photo or the flash doesn't go off and you have to keep everyone's attention before they all wander away, going in opposite directions.  Regardless, I have never been so sure that this is what I want to do.  It's kind of like, the more I have to work hard for this - the more I realize that I'm cut out for this kind of work.  *sigh*  Either I'm a glutton for heart attack inducing situations or I'm a director at heart.  I'd like to think it's the latter.  :-)

Scorcese . . . I'm coming for ya!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Diary of a Mad Unemployed Black Woman

I'm convinced that these companies are posting job openings just to make the economy look better.  I have been emailing this one station down the street from me for months.  They have been posting the same job since forever.  Last Thursday, I worked up the nerve to actually go to the place and hand in my reel along with a resume, some references and a cover letter.  I asked if it would be possible to speak to someone and  was told by the (very friendly) front desk person that the HR guy was too busy but that the next day would be better and I should just stop by then.  Well, I stopped by the next day and the HR guy walked right past me without saying a word.  And then I was told by the front desk person that he was too busy.  Too busy?!  Too busy to tell someone that "the job is no longer open"?  Too busy to say, "We're sorry but we're considering other candidates"?  Too busy to say, "You are perfect for the job but I just don't like your face, so please get out of here"?  I mean anything . . . tell me ANYTHING but at least have the decency and respect for me as a human being to speak.  I don't understand why I am getting the same exact response from all of these jobs  . . . which is no response whatsoever.  Well, actually I can understand it a little because for all of the other jobs, I just emailed or snail-mailed my resume.  But in this particular case, I was literally sitting in the lobby.  The ONLY person in that little-ass lobby, in that empty-ass building.  And the man was too "busy" to tell me anything.  Whatever.  And I know I sound crazy, right now.   But I can assure you, I did not stalk dude.  Actually, he emailed me 6 months ago and told me to apply to the job in the first place.  And when I did, I didn't hear back from him.  And then all of these months later, the job is open again and I sent another resume and followed up by stopping by the station to drop off my reel.  It's really not all that serious and I guess that's where my frustration comes from.  If I'd have been disrespectful or over the top, I could understand his ignoring/avoiding me.  But I have done nothing deserving of disrespect and the only thing I want to know is if the job is still available and if maybe - just maybe - I could get an interview.

Regardless, I am determined to do things on my own.  I will continue to work on my "brand" and try to get my little video productions going until one day I am successful.  Sometimes I consider going back to school and getting a Master's but I am obsessed with paying off my old student loans before making new ones.  On a more positive note, I am grateful that I have some experience under my belt and that I am not new to "the struggle."

Life will turn itself around.  I'm just wondering when and how.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Web Series

So I shot the first episode of my web series last night.  And there's way too much to say in one post. But I'll put it this way, in Jay Z's words (and I hate to have to quote that man, but . . . ) I need more people.  Last night, I was the director, producer, logistics person, audio technician, gaffer and production assistant.  It was ridiculous.  Thank God, I had a camera guy - who was also the production manager, lighting guy and Assistant Director.  I'm embarrassed to roll the credits at the end of this episode, lol.  Either way, we gotter-done.  Despite the fact that my DJ/actor decided not to bring his got-dang laptop.  How do you bring all of your DJ'ing equipment and not bring the laptop which contains all of your music?  That's like trying to cook without food.  Regardless, he played music off of his phone (which was dead, and thank God I brought my phone charger) and so the episode went on as planned - despite the efforts of Satan and the DJ.

All (well, not all, but a good portion) of my lovely friends came out and we shot a party scene which was a lot of fun, but really ambitious of us.  I'm editing it now and of course there are a few things that I have complaints about - but I guess it's growing pains and we did pretty good for a first time.  Either way, I'm pretty excited about this project and it's great to have something that I can say I directed.  Hopefully, this will lead to other things.  I'll be sure to post the episode and promo vids once I finish editing.