Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Buy Me an Amazon Kindle . . . Pleeease!!!

I have had a great couple of weeks, despite all of the busy-ness and stress. I say this because when you're telling a bunch of people that you plan on leaving the country, that's when everybody gets all sentimental and nostalgic. People have been scheduling appointments with me like I'm the hottest hairstylist in town. My calendar is filled with all of my best friend's names. Saturday I saw a bunch of my friends together at the same time (how about them apples), Tuesday dinner with Shalanda, Wednesday happy hour with Tameka, Friday with Sheryl and so on and so forth. It's like an unending parade of my favorite people. I have to start telling everyone I'm leaving the country more often, lol.

One thing that kind of sucks, though, is that I just ruined my surprise Bon Voyage party. Actually, the man-friend did. He planned a week vacation without checking in with the party committee and everything was planned on the same day and my mom had to confess to me why I just couldn't leave for Florida on April 24th. That kind of sucked, because I love surprises and have never really gotten a chance to actually experience one for myself. :-(

What it all boils down to, though, is that I need an Amazon Kindle in my life. I just need it! I'm tired of looking over the shoulder of the guy on the train. I want one for myself. But money is tight right now so all I can do is just dream (and continue to drop serious hints).

Time to email this video to friends and family! Toodle-Loo!

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