Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Officially Off the Hampster Wheel

So for those of you who (actively) follow me . . . does anyone remember the job interview post I did a couple months ago? You know?

Well, it didn't exactly go like that, but hopefully the picture (which is also a link) rings a bell. Now does anyone remember that this whole "job opportunity" came up at the same exact time that I had to purchase my plane ticket for Japan? Also, does anyone remember that I interviewed for the position because one of the head honchos at my job was really adament about my applying for it? Remember how he answered all of my post-interview questions as if I already had the job (i.e. "When are you looking to fill the position Mr. So-and-so?" "Well, when will you be done with you're current job, Arnetta?") Does anyone remember how I (for a split second) wondered whether I should consider taking this job, rather than going to Japan because it seemed like it was "already in the bag"? And I did that post asking everyone which side they were on . . . team Japan or team "stay my butt at home - with the manfriend and pup - in the United States"? Remember how I haven't really wrote anything about it since?

Well that was 2 months ago and believe it or not, I still have not heard anything back from the guy. (Not that I care at this point). But let me give you some background as to what happened after the interview. I called the guy up every other day to find out if the position had been filled to which he always said, "No, but I will let you know next week." I dropped a "Thank You" note on his desk a week and a half after the interview, to cover all bases. I made sure to show my face around the area in order to show that I am actively engaged in the workplace (or something like that). Now allow me to mention that I have some "over-achiever" issues. In other words, I am always going to try to do things to the best of my ability. So despite the fact that I had the Japan job in the bag, I didn't want to slack on my interview because that's just not my style. And regardless of knowing that this job may not have been what I wanted at this time in my life, I was still going to beat out the competition and go for it like I wanted it. (And yes, deep down I kind of wanted's what I went to school for after all.)

So time passed by and I got more involved with another project and pretty much gave up hope for the job that I'd interviewed for. I figured that after all of this time, I probably didn't get it anyway and I was thankful that I ended buying the plane ticket to Japan. (And a special shout out to Islandbaby and Stephanie for voicing your "team Japan" opinions.) So the day that I gave my two weeks notice (last week) I heard through a bird that they offered the position that I interviewed for to some random outsider and that she TURNED IT DOWN because it was part-time and had LOUSY HOURS. Allow me to be petty for a moment.

Aaaagh hahahahahaha!!!! In your FACE!!!! You could have just hired me! I was ready and willing to do that job months years ago but now I'm heading out to a different country! Good luck finding another sucker to waste 5 years of their life doing overnight weekends.

Ahem! All right, I'm back. But seriously, if I didn't already believe the devil existed before this . . . I would be a believer right about now. Could you imagine if I didn't buy that plane ticket, how hard I would be kicking myself?! That whole situation was set up perfectly. I had the job that I'd always wanted being dangled in front of me like a carrot, at the very moment that I decided to tear myself away from the hampster wheel and attempt to live a fulfilling life. It still makes me shiver.

Either way, now I am POSITIVE that I was supposed to leave my current job and that although I am making a life altering decision and will be away from my man, my family, my friends, and my son dog, everything is going to be okay and I will finally start living the fulfilling life that God has in store for me. I guess that was the final mental boundary that I had to break through in order to take this huge leap. So at this point, all doubts have been removed and the countdown begins.

Off to Japan in exactly 30 days.

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