Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bag n' Tag . . . I'm It!!!

So now that the workaholic marathon month is over and I finally have a few minutes to myself, I have decided to get to this Bag n Tag that my deary RebelMel tagged me for like a million years ago. So without further ado this . . .
. . . is my bag!

And this here . . .
is what's inside of my bag.

Allow me to take you on a tour here.

First of all, this is my "churchy" bag. I mainly take this bag with me to church, but have been taking it to work over the past couple months because I've been too busy to switch things out. Also, I needed some of that bible literature to stop me from punching people in the face. Sooo
#1 - There's my bible (inside of a plastic zip lock bag) and a daily scripture book
#2 - Some highlighters and pens
#3 - A little makeup bag that I got from my grandmom's garage almost twenty years ago. Actually, I think it's like a man's mini shaving kit bag, but I use it to hold makeup in.
#4 - A little notebook
#5 - A change purse with chinese design all over it
#6 - A ponytail holder
#7 - Two receipts - one for a leather jacket I got at "Daffy's" for $90 and the other for a pair of shades that I bought yesterday for $13.99
#8 - Some index cards
#9 - Another notebook (looove those black and white composition books)
#10 - Yet, another notebook (this one grey)
#11 - Some colorful bookmark tabs
#12 - A credential from an event I worked almost 2 years ago.
#13 - A red pencil sharpener
#14 - A small pack of Altoids (the curiously strong mint!)
#15 - A french tip manicure set (I guess, just in case I decide to do my nails on the train?? *shrugs*)
#16 - Some lotion
#17 - Seven cents
#18 - A pair of tweezers
#19 - A makeup pencil, some lipgloss and a small mirror that I received as a gift for being someone's bridesmaid (and never the bride . . . long sigh!)
#20 - A little bag of tissue
#21 - A camera

Are you really still reading? Wow! Well, okay . . . then, here's another bag for you to peruse. This is more of a casual bag for me. The straps have gotten worn, so I don't use it as much. But here are the contents.
#1 - Some passport pictures that I took a couple months ago.
#2 - $1.21 (Where the *expletive* was all of this change when I got that $72 ticket for not putting another quarter in the meter???)
#3 - Contact case
#4 - My old cell phone
#5 - Trash
#6 - Two packs of matches (just in case I decide to start smoking??? *more shrugs*)
#7 - My registration
#8 - A tampon and a pad
#9 - My checkbook (wish it was the manfriend's checkbook :-)
#10 - Yet another white nail polish, french tip manicure pen. (And my nails are needing that touch up right now . . . maybe it's a sign)
#11 - A pack of cards
#12 - Two lipglosses (that are very old and have probably dried out), some eyeshadow, an eyeshadow brush and an eyeliner pencil
#13 - A pencil sharpener
#14 - A pen and a highlighter
#15 - A small, silver hair clip

And I think that about completes that bag.

Now last, but certainly not least there's the small "I'm-in-a-rush-and-don't-feel-like-carrying-everything-in-the-whole-world-so-let-me-just-grab-this-and-bounce" bag.
And here are the contents . . .
#1 - Being that I carried this bag today, my wallet is in there. (The wallet is the only thing that switches out of each bag)
#2 - Two highlighters of course (I'm beginning to realize that I do a lot of highlighting)
#3 - A pen
#4 - $1.79 in change. (Again, where was all of this freaking change coming from after I've already racked up those stupid parking tickets???!!!)
#5 - A train ticket
#6 - A button that I've been telling myself I would sew back onto my outfit (and now I forget what outfit it came bursting off of)
#7 - Lipstick, two mascara things (one for thickness the other for length), two eyeshadow things, an eyebrow brush and some eyebrow shader stuff.
#8 - My gym swipe keychain
#9 - Lip balm
#10 - Altoids
#11 - A paperclip and two hair clips
#12 - A business card from a local designer
#13 - A coupon card for a local coffee shop

All righty then. I think that's all I got. Now I know I'm supposed to tag someone to do this, but I'm not choosey. I want to see what's in EVERYBODY'S bag . . . so all 10 of my followers are tagged. And I'm even tagging you lurkers who refuse to follow me! (I can seeee youuuu!!!) If you are reading this and want to dump out your bag . . . do it!!! I am sooo nosey and would love to see the goodies that you guys carry around on a regular basis. That is all. Hope this wasn't too boring for yall.



  1. I think it's so interesting that I am not the only one who carries like, ten bags at all times. I recently mentioned that I got a new betsey bag, but I have been so strapped for time that I just grabbed a few items and tossed them in there. So, great, now I have yet another bag to add to the mix. Maybe tonight I should clean them out or something.

  2. You're definitely not the only one with a bunch of bags. I always have "clean out bag" at the end of my to do lists and it never happens for me, so good luck with that!